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"Interactive Radio is the best Radio Show  in town for Music,Gossip,Entertainment service. We were very happy with the results."
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About me

Bruce Brooks aka Dj Biz was born and raised in va. was inspired to get into Radio Broadcasting in Oct. 2008 by a Business partner 2 months later He started INTERACTIVE RADIO a show that promotes good music and positive Information  we Target young and old alike his show is Enjoyed by Thousands and Thousands of Listeners each day you can Listen to him 5 days a week with some of the Hottest Topics from your Local community to worldwide situations stay informed with whats happening in the world, from small towns to Big citys visit on Baltimore's R&B Hip-Hop Entertainment at www.magic957fm.com ,also he is the Author and self publisher of the Book "Twelve steps to a Better you" this book designed to Increase your Efficiency and improve your Attitude. publish in April of 2009 and Recently started a Social Networking Site called SPACETIME where we Empower people and Brands to Build focus online communities designed for Growth join us on www.spacetime.spruz.com 


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The Braxton Sisters To Record Gospel Album?The Braxton Sisters To Record Gospel Album?
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